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1 to 1 yoga

What is 1 to 1 yoga

1 to 1 sessions involve a student working closely with a teacher on an individual basis, helping them to move towards a personal positive outcome or aim. 

Elaine works with women, giving a tailor-made yoga practice that might involve one or more yoga tools, enabling the student to become empowered on their journey to health & wellbeing. 


The relationship is collaborative; the teacher giving guidance and support, the student giving feedback and participation.  Together, the student is enabled to help themselves move forwards on their journey.

your practice

The beauty of yoga is its self application - you don't need to have a yoga teacher/therapist with you at all times to enable your self development.

You will be given a personalised yoga practice plan - written and figurative - as a memory aid that you practise at home on your own between sessions of teacher/student contact.

the process

The first session will be finding out more about you and your situation, plus what you are hoping to gain from the yoga. 

Subsequent sessions will involve me giving you a new yoga practise or making modifications to your current one, monitoring your progress and making suggestions where needed.  Any one session will normally last one to one-and-a quarter hours.  The first 2 or 3 sessions are generally quite close together in time to make sure the student is practising correctly on their own.  Subsequent sessions can be at a timing that suits the student - typically every 4-6 weeks.


Sessions are carried out in the comfort of the student’s home. 

Good ventilation will help to protect both student and teacher.

Elaine is happy to wear a ffp3 face mask if required.


And if you prefer, Elaine can teach sessions via Zoom.  Good camera views and alignment of mats are essential at the students home.

Please do get in touch to discuss if this is of interest.


£45 per session plus an additional £10 for travel/time expenses outside the area of Frome.  

terms & conditions

Elaine works exclusively with women 1 to 1, in the comfort of their home.

if you need to cancel an appointment, you need to do this with a minimum of 24 hours notice.  

If cancellation notice is given under 24 hours from the appointment time, Elaine will require full payment of the 1 to 1 session.

Thank you for your understanding.


Please don’t hesitate to contact Elaine, if you wish to discuss 1 to 1 yoga and your situation more fully.

"yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise so I am changing myself"




"I have taken the opportunity to have 1-1 sessions as I wanted to follow a daily routine, which Elaine has devised, and which meets my personal needs. I feel the benefits already in improved posture, breathing as well as a sense of achievement and well being!!"

Emma Cashdan Frome

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