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gentle or strong

Are your yoga classes strong or gentle?

this is relative and subjective so always tricky to give an answer.  

That said I can make a posture gentle or strong for the individual in the class by altering arm/leg positions etc.  The beauty of the yoga approach of which I am a part, is the method by which we honour the individual in a group setting by modifying postures to suit that person.  We believe that yoga is there to work for the individual and not the individual to work for yoga.

I can have a class of students and all are doing the same posture but all look slightly different because they are modifying to suit their needs.  

In addition, each person is working with their breath length in a posture which means they don't have to rush to keep up with a yoga teacher or the person next to them.  The tradition aims to be more meditative than purely exercise orientated which is, after all what yoga is all about.

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