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Do you chant in yoga classes and workshops?

generally we don't chant in yoga classes.  

Sometimes we might use a simple sound that has no meaning - sound resonates and in yoga therapy (now used in modern mainstream medicine to help the body heal) it is believed to have healing qualities to the body, mind and emotions.  


On occasion, but rarely, we might chant a short phrase, especially one that comes from the seminal non religious yoga text, Patanjali Yoga Sutras.  


During an all day workshop, chanting is a great way to keep focused and energised following lunch when you would not wish to practise postures on a full stomach.  


We also definitely chant in sound classes - it is fun, good for focusing the mind and keeping the mind healthy, believed to help release emotional blockages, energising/calming depending on the chant and can help to keep the breath in good shape.

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