vedic chanting - beginners



"It's been different doing Vedic Chanting via Zoom but still been a good experience 

& has had the same benefits 

mentally,emotionally, spiritually & physically.


Thank you." 





Steeped in history, Vedic chants are as relevant today as they have always been: covering topics of health, peace, light, courage, trust, spirituality and more.


Chanting these sounds in the beautiful resonating language of Sanskrit, can bring confidence, a clarity and calmness of mind, improved breathing and more.

Summer Term - April 26 - July 12

Fortnightly (approximately): 

Tuesday: 12 noon - 2 pm 

term theme: we will be learning some simple chants including the Āyurmantraḥ, a chant asking for your body systems to be nourished and healed.  


£72 for a 6 session term


see timetable or see below

What to expect

Elaine would love to share this powerful yoga tool of sound with you; teaching some simple chants and the sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet, plus a knowledge of the form and relevance of the Vedas today. 


The beginners group has joined the experienced group for this term for a larger group sound dynamic.

There will be a 15 minute mid-session break to have a bite to eat/drink.



we will be in Christchurch hall which has great ventilation options to minimise COVID and is a large space with beautiful acoustics.


see timetable



This is a fun and friendly group with no auditions or ability to sing required!  If you need a confidence booster, Elaine is happy to teach you 1 to 1 for a session or two to help you discover your chanting voice.


before the terms start, book via Cheese & Grain box office online (use link below), or in person/ring 01373 455420, 

but once the term has started contact Elaine)

Tuesday: 12 noon - 2 pm 

£72 for a 6 session course 

book via Cheese and Grain