vedic chanting - experienced


Steeped in history, Vedic chants are as relevant today as they have always been: covering topics of health, peace, light, courage, trust, spirituality and more.


Chanting these sounds in the beautiful resonating language of Sanskrit, can bring confidence, a clarity and calmness of mind, improved breathing and more.

Summer Term - April 26 - July 12

Fortnightly (approximately): 

Tuesday: 12 noon - 2 pm 

term theme: - we will focus on revisiting familiar chants and a new Vedic chant Śiva-mantrāḥ.

This is a beautiful chant to the elemental energy of Siva - the energy of  transformation, bringing wealth & happy new beginnings. 

Śiva-mantrāḥ is a 'chant within a chant', so for the experienced, you will recognise Śivapañcākṣarī-mantraḥ which features within it.


£72 for a 6 session term


see timetable or see below

What to expect

Elaine will guide you as you consolidate your Vedic chanting skills revisiting familiar chants, plus exploring some new chants. 

The experienced group has joined the beginners group for this term for a larger group sound dynamic.

There will be a 15 minute mid-session break to have a bite to eat/drink.



we will be in Christchurch hall which has great ventilation options to minimise COVID and is a large space with good acoustics.


see timetable



This is a fun and friendly group with no auditions or ability to sing required!  You will need to have some experience of Vedic Chanting - if you are unsure whether to enrol in this group or the Vedic Chanting for Beginners group: contact Elaine for more info.

And if you need a confidence booster, Elaine is happy to teach you 1 to 1 for a session or two to help you rediscover your chanting voice.


before the terms start, book via Cheese & Grain box office online (use link below), or in person/ring 01373 455420, 

but once the term has started contact Elaine)

Tuesday: 12 noon - 2 pm 

£72 for a 6 session course 

book via Cheese and Grain