vedic chanting for the experienced


Steeped in history, Vedic chants are as relevant today as they have always been: covering topics of health, peace, light, courage, trust, spirituality and more.


Chanting these sounds in the beautiful resonating language of Sanskrit, can bring confidence, a clarity and calmness of mind, improved breathing and more.

Spring Term - Jan 11 - April 2


Tuesday: 12.30 - 2.30 pm 

term theme: - TRANSFORMATION

how we can calm our minds to enable them to move towards positive transformation, ultimately helping us transition through change with calm stability and strength

We will continue with a focus on the Śraddhāsūktam - a chant instilling hope, confidence and faith in the chanter

In addition we will revisit the Sūryanamaskāra-mantraḥ - the sun salutation - to bring some light and sunshine into our Winter days plus the Gāyatrī-mantraḥ - a classic chant about transformation towards courage and enlightenment and Mṛtyuñjaya-mahāmantraḥ - to protect and heal, ultimately bestowing immortality


£55 for a 5 session term


see timetable or see below

What to expect

Elaine will guide you as you consolidate your Vedic chanting skills revisiting familiar chants, plus exploring some new chants. 


Online platform

via Zoom - free to students

Links will be sent by email a few days prior to the start of term.


see timetable



This is a fun and friendly group with no auditions or ability to sing required!  You will need to have some experience of Vedic Chanting - if you are unsure whether to enrol in this group or the Vedic Chanting for Beginners group: contact Elaine for more info.


book via Elaine Marie Ewens

Tuesday: 12.30 - 2.30 pm

£55 for 5 session course 

book: via Elaine


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