COVID-19: yoga & chanting update

yoga has so much to offer, especially important when we are challenged and the pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is proving especially challenging to so many.

By bringing us back into balance mentally, physically and emotionally, yoga and Vedic chanting can support us in this moment of need 

Summer 2022 Classes

Government restrictions allowing the following will apply

From 2022:

For full class & booking details see yoga and chanting pages

yoga:  I will offer a mixture of Zoom and hall yoga classes from this date to meet all your needs:

Monday yoga - Zoom

Tuesday yoga - Christchurch hall 

Wednesday yoga - RISE Old School Room hall 

Thursday yoga - Zoom

chanting: Vedic Chanting classes will return to halls 

Tuesday chanting - Christchurch

Yoga classes,  1 to 1 Yoga,

Vedic Chanting classes1 to 1 Vedic Chanting


teaching online is different to teaching in a physical room.  To ensure you keep safe do have a look at the disclaimer & student guidelines 

If you are new to my yoga classes and wish to enrol in a Zoom class, I will meet you via Zoom prior to the class to enable me to discuss your health needs.

The Zoom classes will be hosted by myself and booked via me


teaching physical classes will have some differences to pre COVID-19.

Doors and windows will be open to improve ventilation.

Face masks can be worn if you wish - this will be your choice.

Plus sanitising equipment will be available for your use.

No yoga equipment will be provided to minimise exposure to COVID-19 -  you will therefore need to bring your own mat and sitting equipment i.e. blocks/meditation stools etc if needed.


The physical hall classes will be hosted with Frome Community Education and booked through the Cheese and Grain box office.

If there is another lock down or restriction of use of community hall spaces due to COVID; the physical classes will revert to Zoom for the remainder of the term.

I am happy to offer everyone a free 1 to 1 session in helping you come over to Zoom for the remainder of the term.

Frome community Education will refund you any remainder of the term not taught in the hall and to continue on Zoom we can arrange for that remainder to come to me directly, ensuring you don't miss out on your yoga classes.  


" The Zoom yoga classes are so much more enjoyable and powerful than i expected.

In fact, in some ways, I find them more powerful than when we meet, maybe because I am able to put 100% into the practice - physically, mentally and from the heart - it is much more of a meditative practice."


Helena, Frome

"I want to tell you that I really look forward to your online yoga classes every week and feel better for them.

It's easier than going out to go to yoga! 

We are very lucky that  you come into our homes every week to give your expertise,

so thank you very much"

Jilly Brockway, Frome