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do I need to bring anything?

yoga:for the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday yoga classes, ideally you will need to bring a mat, although that said the floors in all the venues are clean and Monday, Tuesday and Thursday classes held at the Key Centre and Cheese and Grain room 3 are also both carpeted.  Some students like to have a mat and others don't - it is your choice. 

Some people like to bring a blanket to put over/around them when lying or sitting still.  Also a bottle of water will help keep you hydrated.

I bring a small selection of sitting equipment such as blocks, meditation stool and zafu cushion.  If you have your own, please do bring them.

meditation: you may like to bring a mat if you wish to lie down on something, however the room is carpeted and clean. A blanket to keep warm might be appropriate if you tend to feel cold lying/sitting still.

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