sound - group chanting

Chanting in a group (sangha) can give the individual voice support & create a collective sound that is enhanced through multiple vocalists & harmonies. 

Sharing the experience helps the learning process to be fun and informative



summer season: 

see timetable for dates

All sessions are between 12 noon - 2 pm



at Christchurch hall, Frome


sound is a powerful tool of yoga and believed to give many health benefits including a release to the emotional body, improved breathing, focused mind and more - read more

The chanting sangha is an opportunity to experience the trans formative power of Vedic Chanting & learn to chant for yourself in a supportive group.

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we will be chanting the Vedas - the ancient spiritual wisdom of India.

the Vedas include chants about health, celebrations, philosophy and so much more.

"we hope you will enjoy this sublime journey through sound"

- T K V Desikachar