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“Look at the present moment,

what is gone is gone.”

– T Krishnamacharya

meditation circle


meditation has been and continues to be widely researched regarding it's health benefits.  It is an amazing practise that can bring a sense of calm, space and clarity.

Frome Classes

Currently I am not teaching meditation classes -

please do contact me if you wish to work 121 with meditation.

Spaces available

see timetable for latest updates on space availability 


see below

What to expect

meditation Circle is a welcoming and supportive group to explore gentle meditation and experience its potential health benefits.  


elaine will teach a variety of different meditation techniques for you to practise during the session, including the use of sound, words, objects, poems and other resources such as your body, breath and connection with planet earth.


plus there will be space to relax as Elaine guides you through a meditation, leading you towards inner calm and bliss.

In addition, there will be space to share thoughts, experiences, philosophies, poems and inspirations.

Venue Addresses/Costs/Dates

timetable of classes


no prior experience of yoga is needed; beginners are really welcome.  Both men and women are encouraged and the classes are suitable for most abilities and ages.  New students can start meditation circle mid term - 

go to FAQs or contact Elaine for more info.


Pre term - use the contacts/links below

During term you need to book via Elaine Marie Ewens

book: Frome Community Education meditation circle

or ring/visit Cheese & Grain box office - tel. 01373 455420



"Elaine is a gifted teacher, who has facilitated and enhanced my own meditation journey.

Lessons challenge and inspire through Elaine's thorough planning and passionate approach."


Nick Andrew

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