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Elaine teaches gentle yet powerful yoga physical classes in Frome, Somerset,

plus Zoom where ever you are. 

In addition, she hosts Vedic chanting classes, Vedic Sound Baths & both yoga and chanting

1 to 1 sessions.

Read more about Elaine and her approach.


Yoga is a profound modality -

of ancient origins with a very modern context.

Practised all over the world today, it aims to bring balance to the mind, healing to the body and a greater understanding and happiness within.

Yoga is a rich tradition -

there are multiple tools which can be used on their own or blended into a practice.  Yoga can be tailored to suit every individual and their needs at any given moment - enriching your body, mind, and soul.

Yoga is a personal practice -

not one that is done to you but rather a journey that you take yourself on.

You don't need a practitioner to 'do yoga' to you - you are in the driving seat, you experience the power, the joy, the lightness of your journey towards healing, wholeness and balance



" The Zoom yoga classes are so much more enjoyable and powerful

than i expected. 

In fact, in some ways, I find them more powerful than when we meet, maybe because I am able to put 100% into the practice - physically, mentally and from the heart - it is much more of a meditative practice."


Helena, Frome



so why dandelions?

simply - I love them..

I thought this wasn't a good enough reason

but sometimes going with your gut reaction is a great way forward.

looking into their properties: bitter,

purifying , sunny, honey scented, strong, tenacious, passionate, grounded, ephemeral, catalytic, haloed, circular, delicate;

 all make my heart sing.

so here you have it - a website full of dandelions and a logo invoking their circular seed heads, brightness (yellow circle), healing and 'green' sustainable yoga  (green circle).

elaine marie ewens

 frome yoga teacher

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