"I just wanted to say thank you for running such great classes last term and the theme of transformation couldn’t have been better.


Some weeks I even felt the thread running through the class was for me and me alone, and marvelled at how you could be so spot on!"


SP, Frome

"I want to tell you that I really look forward to your online yoga classes every week and feel better for them.

It's easier than going out to go to yoga!  We are very lucky that  you come into our homes every week to give your expertise,so thank you very much"

Jilly Brockway, Frome

"Just to tell you how much benefit I get from your classes, both physically and mentally!" 

Helene, Frome

"My mind & spirit is more relaxed & balanced since being in your yoga class & I am definitely enjoying the chanting & breathing that we are doing.

I find myself zoning out, almost floating sometimes, which for me is a miracle as my brain is always on the go.

Thank you so much for everything you do."  

Mia Newland 

"Today was lovely - I always enjoy your classes but today was extra-special and my back is thanking you."  

Caroline Le Vine, Frome 

"Elaine's class has been great, she has such a positive approach and really values all the group contributions. She has a very generous personality in her approach to teaching."

Judy, Frome

"Elaine is a gifted teacher, who has facilitated and enhanced my own meditation journey.

Lessons challenge and inspire through Elaine's thorough planning and passionate approach."


Nick Andrew

"I want to thank you, Geoff, Maxine and all fellow yogis for the Balance Workshop.  I came home feeling uplifted, energised, motivated and tired!  Wonderful."

Helena McKenna, Frome

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"Your style of teaching works amazingly well using this online medium of Zoom.

The Zoom yoga classes are so much more enjoyable and powerful than I expected. 


In fact, in some ways, I find them more powerful than when we meet, maybe because I am able to put 100% into the practise - physically, mentally and form the heart - it is much more of a meditative practise"

Helena, Frome

"Not only is Elaine beautifully flexible in her body, but more importantly in her teaching. 


She responds to the ever-changing needs of the class and to the individuals within it.  This is made possible because she is open and deeply grounded, like the dandelion which is her symbol."

Mandy, Frome

"Elaine, what an amazing class on Wednesday! I've never known anything like it. The massage aspect of it was really ground breaking. Unbelievably my toothache has completely gone and I have put my dental appointment on hold!!"


Carol Foster, Frome

"I love being in your class.

By the end I feel awash with

relaxation & happy hormones."


Morwenna, Frome

"A well structured and clear direction through the principles of meditation and techniques to make practice fun. Bringing meditation down to earth and making it useful in everyday life. Definitely worth doing." 

Jerry, Frome

"This has been a wonderful experience. I always thought yoga would be difficult, but you made it easy for us.

You took great care of us all, seeing we didn't injure ourselves and gave us clear guidance. Thank you"


"I started the Thursday morning yoga classes with Elaine Ewens in February and I am so glad I did! I felt welcomed by the group and really enjoy Elaine's approach. She is sensitive to each person's needs and the group as a whole. 

Emma Cashdan, Frome