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Chanting the Vedas, India's ancient texts of wisdom, creates sounds in the beautiful resonating language of Sanskrit and can bring confidence, a clarity and calmness of mind, improved breathing and more.

SUMMER TERM  Apr 23 - Jul 2 (half term May 27 - Jun 2)


Tuesday: 12 - 2pm  - Christchurch hall - fortnightly 

Tuesday: 7 - 8pm  - Christchurch hall - weekly

Tuesday: 12 - 2pm  - Christchurch hall

Beginners & Experienced group

fortnightly - 6 sessions:

Summer: Apr 23, May 7, 21, Jun 4, 18, Jul 2


book via Cheese & Grain or in person/ring box office: 01373 455420, - before the terms start,

but once the term has started contact Elaine)


Tuesday: 7 - 8pm  - Christchurch hall

Beginners group

weekly - 10 sessions:

Summer: Apr 23, 30, May 7, 14, 21, 28, Jun 4, 11, 18, 25, Jul 2

book via Elaine Marie Ewens


summer term theme

12 - 2pm - Beginners & Experienced group will learn a new chant: the first of the Dasasantayaḥ; a peace chant asking for calmness of mind and accuracy of chanting as we honour the higher elements, plus we will revisit the Mṛtyuñjaya-mahāmantraḥ, one of the most popular chants in India: a powerful chant of letting go what no longer serves us and asking for powerful healing and transformation.

7 - 8pm - Beginners group will learn a new chant: the Sūryanamaskāra-mantraḥ & sun-names - the chant made popular in modern yoga, due to its inspiration for the sun salutation sequence of yoga poses.  It is a chant asking for protection and healing.

What to expect

Elaine would love to share this powerful yoga tool of sound with you; teaching some simple and more complex chants and the sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet, plus a knowledge of the form and relevance of the Vedas today. 

Both groups, will learn to follow Elaine's voice, plus how to read the chant from a written form.

Chanting is a way to help memorise the words of the chant by using a simple melody of 3 notes. 

There are no parts - we all chant together in a supportive circle and there is no need to be able to sing.

For the fortnightly group, there will be a 15 minute mid-session break to have a bite to eat/drink & chat.



we will be in Christchurch hall  which has good ventilation options to minimise COVID and is a large space with beautiful acoustics.


for all dates - see Timetable page



These are fun and friendly groups, with no auditions or ability to sing required!   

The fortnightly midday group is a mixed group - beginner and experienced are all welcome.

The weekly, evening group is for beginners. - experienced students are welcome, but we will be focusing on the basics. 

If you need a confidence booster, Elaine is happy to teach you 1 to 1 to help you discover your chanting voice.

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