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missed classes

can I make up missed classes...

I offer the option for you to make up classes, both yoga & Vedic chanting, you may miss in any one term - 

for example: if you are enrolled on the Tuesday yoga class and miss one, you can make it up by attending a Monday or Wednesday yoga class.  You can do this in the same week you missed your Tuesday class, or another week in the same 10 week term.

Zoom classes - I also teach a Thursday Zoom class which I am currently recording. 

I offer this recording to all enrolled students, irrespective of whether you are enrolling directly with me on the zoom class, or with FCE.

Note - the only requirement is that you have attended at least 3 live yoga classes with me first.

The only criteria are:

  • you make up both yoga & Vedic chanting classes in the same 10 week term that you missed the class

  • you have attended 3 live yoga classes with me before using a Zoom recording

  • there is space in the venue to accommodate you as an additional student

(I have never had to turn away a student yet, so it is highly unlikely there will not be enough space)

  • Simply attend the class - please don't email me for permission

For all class times/dates/venues - timetable page



"thank you for the yoga recordings, it's very helpful to have these on weeks I can't make it to the class!

It's a great idea and works very well."

Charlotte Stowell, Frome

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