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sound - benefits

sound is a powerful tool of yoga - see below for more.

Summer Term - April 26 - July 12

how & book

Chanting for beginners -

learn to chant with others 

benefit from the support of others, be guided by experienced Vedic Chanter Elaine Marie Ewens and create a collective sound 

Chanting for the experienced

continue perfecting your chanting skills as you revisit familiar chants and learn new ones with the support of others and experienced Vedic Chanter

Elaine Marie Ewens

Sound 121 -

have individual teaching or learn in a small group -

great if you are a beginner or experienced and want to progress with personalised attention

Vedic sound baths -

lie back and be bathed in sound

enjoy the benefits of being bathed in sound  in a restful environment


it is believed to lead to more stability and enhancement of the emotions, 

plus help to focus a distracted mind.  When creating sound yourself, it can also improve your breathing, aid your memory and meditation skills.

in yoga, sound is typically delivered either through simple sounds, mantra, Vedic chants and yoga sutras

better health through chanting (and meditation) is now being supported by science: read more

chanting uses the vibratory sounds of Sanskrit words - 

believed by yogis to clear blockages in your energy channels and potentially help with overall body health.


Elaine Marie Ewens has been Vedic chanting for over 20 years, teaching for 6 and is a qualified Vedic Chanting Teacher following the study of a 2 year course with internationally renowned Radha Sundararajan.

"we hope you will enjoy this sublime journey through sound"

- T K V Desikachar

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